Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pity me not.

There is a saying, a mantra, that you often see on websites to do with psoriasis: I have psoriasis, but it doesn't have me. I would like to propose a slight change to that: I have psoriasis, and it fucking sucks.

Yeah, positive affirmation (in other words, acting like everything is okay when it's really, really not), I get it. The thing is, psoriasis DOES have you. It seeps into every single second of every single day. You're at work, or school, or commuting, and there it is, constantly. A dusting of flakes in your lap. That fuzzy inner sweatshirt material abrading your skin. A stranger compliments your outfit and you smile and say thank you, but you're actually thinking, "They only said that because they feel sorry for me and are trying to make feel better because I'm so hideous."

Psoriasis isolates you. It prevents you from looking people in the eye. It eats away at your self esteem. It puts you in serious physical pain. It makes you have to vacuum a lot.

Almost every resource for dealing with psoriasis on the web is full of emotionally damaging trite bullshit. "Wear long sleeves all the time so you don't freak out the people around you." "If someone asks about your psoriasis, take the time to educate them about why you look like you have leprosy." "Carry a portable fire extinguisher for when the villagers come after you with pitchforks and torches."

The fact is, you have every right to wear whatever the fuck you want at any time, and if someone asks about your psoriasis, they are a fucking asshole. You don't owe anyone anything, and if someone has a problem with your skin, let it be their problem. Let's revise that mantra one more time: Psoriasis may have you, but you are still gorgeous, still awesome, and still capable of amazing things.

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